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The Calgary Soccer Federation is a cooperative body that strives to
develop and improve the game of soccer.

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The Casino is scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday October 8/9 at Cash Casino – 4040 Blackfoot Trail SE. Please go to the “Referees” page to sign up. It is listed in the left hand menu. 

Current News:

The Calgary Soccer Federation held their Annual General Meeting.
Please welcome the New Board of Directors.

President – Efem Yildirim, CWSA
Vice President – Angus Smith, CUSA
Treasurer – Gary Steen, CMSA
Secretary – Mel Warman, CWSA

Past President – Jeff duBerger, CMSA


Robert Hayne – CMSA
Brenda Madge – CMSA
Colin Iness – CUSA
Bill Malone – CUSA
Robert Kenedy – CUSA