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Welcome to the CSF Referees web site.

This section is designed to help and encourage your referee career development within District 4. Notes will be provided here regularly highlighting ASA directives, and local CSF information.

Alberta Soccer Association (ASA) – Referee Centre
Referee Code of Ethics
Referee Affairs Committee – standing Referee Representatives:

Michael Pleiter
Drew Fischer

Your RAC referee representatives can be reached via email @ ref.affairs@subwaysoccercentre.com or you can find their phone numbers in Arbiter.
Local Referee Scheduler hands out schedules based on the RAC criteria. Please do not email the Referee Scheduler regarding your local game rating. These inquiries must be directed to your referee representatives at ref.affairs@subwaysoccercentre.com.
New pages have been added to fully explain the new inititives to further support CSF referees.
RAC is looking for persons wishing to take part in the mentoring program. Those who wish to mentor and also wish to be mentored are invited to email the Chair.
Reminder: for all District 4 games, you must be provincially registered with the ASA.
For direct deposit please do one of the following:
Send a void cheque to C. Toth at the Subway Soccer Centre (7000 – 48th St SE, Calgary AB, T2C 4E1)
Email a copy of a void cheque to ctoth@subwaysoccercentre.com
Fax a copy of a void cheque to 403-279-8796, Attn C. Toth
Go to your bank and get the bank to complete a form with their Bank number, Transit number and account number on it.