Soccer Gear 101

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Soccer players will find that they need much less equipment compared to players of other sports. However, when it comes to footwear, having the best one can truly mean the difference for athletes. Their shoes and also their clothes should be suitable and comfortable enough to do a lot of running for 90 minutes. Here are the things you can find soccer players packing into their duffel bags.

1. Clothing

Jerseys are almost always made of light and synthetic fabric so that players remain dry for the whole game. However, they might be quite expensive, which is why some players opt for simple shirts that are loose and comfortable.

When it comes to shorts, the regulations are even looser. They just need to allow the player a lot of freedom of movement and should not be longer than knee-length.

Socks are quite important when it comes to soccer players. They are subject to a lot of heat and sweat during the game and should be made of cotton or also some synthetic fabrics that will also reduce the friction between the feet and the shoes. They are also normally long enough to cover the shin guards. Stocking ties are sometimes used to prevent the socks from falling down.

2. Protection

Shin guards are the only protective gear for soccer players. They are not actually enough to avoid breaking the leg or sustaining an injury, but they will prevent the legs from the little bumps during play.

Headgear is becoming quite common in the US, especially among the youth and those who are worried about players hitting other players.

3. Cleats

There are many different types to choose from depending on the surface of the game venue. Of course, they also have to be comfortable as well as snug.

4. Gloves

This is specifically reserved for the goalkeeper. However, in colder days other players may also wear them.

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